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i played with the 95 long version when it came out, Martina Hingis was the "it" girl of the time and I wanted to have a "long" racquet in my bag... the story goes like this, I had an arch rival at the time, he was the girls varsity coach and I was the Varsity boys assistant coach, he was older by 4 years, I've never beaten him in the 10 or so times we played singles, not even close ( he was playing division 1 tennis at the time), but during a practice, we played a singles match, nothing out of the ordinary it happened from time to time. On this day I had my trusty PS 85 in my hands like always an extension of my arm, and we were on it, I won the first set 6-3, in the second set I must have told myself "one more point" too many times because I lost it in a tie break... in the 3rd set I was up and down but had a lead at 4-3 when my strings break, right on the mains just right of the center on a serve that popped for an up the T, it was 30-15 and I had no spare PS 85 at the time, but I did have the Yonex RD-70 tour 95 extra long. I had been hitting with it from time to time but never in a match... I won my serve on a couple of nice serves for forehand service return errors and I closed the set and match while breaking his serve on cross-court and forehand down the line patterns. Crazy but after that win for me, we never played again, it's my only win against him but it's the sweetest win and it was done with my yonex rd-70 95 tour long. I don't have it anymore, I gave it to one of the students some time ago.
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