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Originally Posted by user92626 View Post
I always thought the APDGT and the previous cortex version were my go-to stick. I play great with them but always feel something missing with them. Hence my constant changing of their weights and overgrips. Now they are at 12 oz. However, my much neglected PDGT only sees action when I am inspired by pros using it. But, everytime I use it I notice the pattern that I play much better. The racket feels stabler, alot less wildly than APD. PDGT's handle is rounder and fuller and more comfortable in my palm than the APD.

For some reasons my PDGT is 3 points more HL than my APDs, and I weighed it up at 11.7 oz.

Is it the excess HL points or the true characteristics of the PDGT that makes it a better racket? Guys? Anyone fans of these frames, especially the PDGT, that want to share your opinions about them?
I'm not talking about the more recent versions but I actually always found the APD to be a bit more solid than the PD. The PD being just a tad nimbler, more zippy, if that's the word. Possibly this perception is related to the Aero throat on the APD - I think this marks it out from every frame out there and not just the PD. Anyhow, I also thought PD seemed a tiny bit more tinny, hollow. That said, I felt the PD was tiny bit more accurate, and serves better. APD a bit softer, nicer feeling, more spin, and generally the more addictive hit off the baseline. Both brilliant frames, if that's your kind of thing.
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