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Originally Posted by Feņa14 View Post
I'm not so sure! If anything, the team from the mid 2000's was a bit more dangerous. Teams have shown that you can stop Barcelona, Inter and Chelsea especially. They do tend to try and walk the ball into the net at times. When they had Eto'o, Messi and Ronaldinho up front, well personally I believe that is better than Messi as a number 9, Sanchez and Pedro.

As for the midfield, Xavi has always been beyond class. I don't believe he's a better player now than he was then, he just never misses a pass, he didn't as a 25 year, he doesn't now and he probably wouldn't if he was still playing at the age of 70. Iniesta is better now than he was, sure, but he was a hell of a player back then too. Deco and Busquets are a different kind of player, but people seem to forget just how good Deco was at Porto and Barcelona.
Well have a look at this:

It seems to me that the kind of passes he plays changes greatly as he ages. He's still the brain of the team, but he doesn't really try those 20-30 yard passes anymore. His position has changed greatly but not his role in the team or in the overall tactical scheme since then. Kind of a head trip of you think about it. The same could be said of Messi, although not as much.

And Eto'o, Messi and Ronaldinho/Henry as a forward 3 was always, and will always be better than Barca's current forward three. Sanchez is good but Pedro is ***** I think.
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