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That's ok, I can relate to him sometimes, you're trying to show people something new or talk about something that isn't generally known or common knowledge and people seem to want to have potshots at you rather than be interested in it.

In essence, if people don't like pro stocks or think they don't exist, don't come or post here! This is a place for people that do like them, some who use them and what I find most useful is being able to learn from others' experiences along the way.

I've just bought 5 actual Tipsarevic frames for instance and am trying to figure out how to best set them up. I'm not sure how many of these there are out there but some people may be interested. I've got a Verdasco Tecnifibre coming as well to compare, apparently it is a bit more flexy. I'll start a thread on those shortly when the Verdasco arrives and what's the bet someone will try and tell me that they are either fake or a retail Tecnifibre..

They seem to have head style pallets on them for a start, I found that interesting? I'm thinking extended..

I think it is hilarious that after all of this time the Djokovic racquet is a humble pro stock Microgel Radical MP.. The 51 flex rumour had been doing my head in for ages!
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