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Originally Posted by Sharky-San View Post
I got to be a ball boy for two of Mandlikova's matches, singles and doubles with Wendy Turnbull, during a Virginia Slims stop in SF, 1987, she was amazing! very long and loopy strokes, her movement was impressive, best of any player in that era. Serve was a hard slice most of the time. I went to buy a Wilson Ultra 2 right after that tournament, I wanted to hit like Hana!!!

I was really there to check out Gabriela Sabatini! She was hot to ball boy one of her doubles matches. She was traveling with another Argentine player, Gabriela Mosca, very talented but didn't pan out for her...
Wendy was good for Hana. She calmed her down and made Hana laugh. They had some great battles with Khode and Sukova, both former partners of Hana's. They also had some great matches with McNeil and Garrison. But I will always remember their YEC win over Martina and Pam. They lost a close 3 set final to that team at the US Open that same year.

Hana and Gaby would've made an jnteresting team. I remember in tge 90's Hana teamed with Evonne and BJK occasionally on the legends tour. Unfortunately the team of Hana and Evonne didn't win very often. They were too much alike.
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