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I love Agassi but his movement was not good enough for him to be the best ever from the baseline. It is true he would have won more than he did if he were truly the best baseliner ever. Nadal has a weaker serve than Agassi, nowhere near the return, probably volleys better but it is such an almost non factor for both players that it is moot, and has already surpassed Agassi's career by a good margin. So obviously Nadal's game is more effective overall from the baseline than Agassi was in their overall careers as Nadal has hardly anything else which contributed to his success other than his fitness and strong mind, vs Agassi who also had a historic GOAT service return. That said Nadal probably isnt even the best or most effective baseliner ever, so Agassi certainly is not.

Did Agassi have the best ever forehand and backhand combination in history though? Perhaps yes. So one could say he is arguably the greatest groundstroker in history. That is very different from the best baseliner, and there is alot more components to baseline play than just the quality of ones groundstrokes.

Comparing Federer to Agassi, Federer's forehand is better, Agassi's backhand is better by a bigger margin than the forehand, so overall just groundstrokes Agassi wins I would say, but then Federer's movement is better by an even bigger margin than the backhand difference, so now going into overall baseline play Federer is already clearly ahead now, and that is before even considering overall defense (clearly Federer again), point construction (very close), court positioning (very close, maybe Agassi by a bit), variety (clearly Federer).

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