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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
Gads, did you ever get to try a PK Q5?
You know me well, my friend. I sent out for a demo this week actually (must check out all things PK). But I wasn't impressed. Seems like there's a lot of love for this frame on the Q5 thread, which is part of what suckered me into trying it, but to me the frame felt like a 5G/7G that had its soul taken away -- they both have the kinetic system, but whereas the 7G is still more of a full thump upon ball contact, the Q5 was more of a hollow crack. Not old-school Bab tweener hollow or anything, but enough of a hollow feel to turn me off. Someone in the other thread described the frame as being particularly 'plush,' but I didn't find that at all. The IG Prestiges (with the right string), Yonnie 200, Black Ace -- those are some plush sticks, not this one. And nothing about the frame's performance stood out to me -- nothing too bad, but also nothing at all that made me go, ''ooh-la-la."

7G and Black Ace remain head and shoulders above everything else in the PK line, for me.

By the way, congrats on Month 5. Impressed.
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