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Had a thorough hit with X Force Pro for almost 4 hours yesterday and I was really impressed. Out of the rackets I have hit for the past one year, namely Vantage BC20,30, Volkl PB mid, Donnay P1, Redondo mp, Q tour, Yonex 89T and BB London, X force Pro seems to possess many of the attributes that make the above rackets great and yet does not seem to have any area that is of a significant weakness to me that make me drop those rackets.

In short, what X Force Pro has:
Forgiveness- checked. (Reason why I abandoned PB mid and Yonex 89T)

Controllable power- Checked. (Reason why I abandoned BC20 and 30)

Maneuverability- Checked. (Reason why I abandoned Donnay Pro one and Redondo)

Great Stability- Checked. (Reason why I abandoned BB London. Though it is considered very stable for its mass, I really appreciate more plow through and I couldn't sort it out with added lead.)

Good plow through and yet does not overstrain my shoulder- Checked. (Reason why I abandoned Qtour and PB Mid)

Arm friendliness- Checked. (As soft or even softer than many of the rackets above)

The only complaint I have is the original grip shape is a bit too rectangular to my liking, (pretty similar to head radical, BB london). After putting 2 layers of athletic tape on the top and bottom side of the pallet, problem solved!

If you notice the L2 grip size XFP is currently out of stock at TW, that is because I just ordered the last one yesterday night after my hitting session!
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