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The Formula 100 has always been the obvious choice to check out. I think you'll like it.

400 Tour will prob need some lead in the hoop. Its a little more control oriented & less powerful off the ground than the APDGT but hits a very spinny ball that just might fit your described game. Serve is not any more powerful than the APDGT but just seems easier & effortless. The feel is quite different from the Babs.

XV1 MP - I really liked this frame, has all the characteristics of the PD that I like. A touch less power but more spin on serve, and is actually arm friendly. Hits at a lower trajectory (just like the 100s) than the Babs for me.

100s - I got one demo that was strung tightly with a multi and it actually felt harsh. The TW vibration frequency chart places it above the APDGT as well. The second demo I got had loose multi strings and felt pretty soft.

BB London - great feel, tons of spin, but is lower powered on groundstrokes and serves.

Exo Tour 18x20 - hits a loopy ball for me with massive spin, good control and power when swung fast, good on volleys. Wasn't too impressive on serve speed.

Juice 100 - I mentioned this in the past. It feels and looks more like a 102sq in head size. With volkl cyclone in it and lead in the hoop, it had so much power, spin, and hit such a heavy penetrating ball it almost felt like cheating. I'd say I felt a bit less control compared to a PD. It might be too stiff for you though.

Pro Open - plays like a lighter, flexier, lower powered, and slightly better feeling version of the APDGT.

I sent you some mail about strings.

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