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Originally Posted by ART ART View Post

check this post with Novak racket specs:

Specs strung+overgrip+dampener, are:
Mass: 360gr
Balance: 33cm

So the MgR/I = 20,35 and MR^2= 392

Far away from the ideal MgR/I = 21,0 and MR^2= 385

Any comments about it ?
Remember, the 21.0 number is not the ideal for every player. It is a good starting point for most players when tuning; but many factors, such as arm length, grip type, whether you use an overgrip, and wrist band use can shift the optimum for the particular player.

The longer the arms, the slower the naturally swing speed of the arm, and the lower the optimum MgR/I value. Shifting the grip more toward western also shifts the optimum MgR/I lower. And a wrist band adds several ounces of weight to the arm pendulum, slowing down the hand through the downward gravity-powered first portion of the forward swing and thus shifting the optimum MgR/I lower. Using an overgrip also shifts MgR/I optimum slightly lower by shifting the grip position almost a millimeter up the handle.

Given Djokovic's slightly taller than average height, longer than average limbs for his height, nearly western grip, and large wrist band, his MgR/I value is right where I would expect it to be.
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