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Originally Posted by RAFA2005RG View Post
Ah because Nadal won the 4th set 6-2. The first set was only encouragement to Rosol, because it was so close all the way.

Show me a match in history where a roof has been closed at the end of the 4th set in anticipation of fading light in 40 minutes (which nobody can predict accurately btw). And like I said before the 3rd set took 34 minutes, 4th set took 32 minutes, 5th set took 33 minutes.. And Nadal had won the 4th set 6-2, so there was every indication that the 5th set wouldn't have taken long. .
Exactly since no one can predict when the light will go out its better to put it in the start of the set rather than in between right?? And just because the previous set was fast in no way means the next set will be. So either you're blaming the roof for nadals loss or your just generally upset and are picking on things which don't really have that much value. Either way you're wrong.
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