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Originally Posted by kaiser View Post
So what about big vs small hands, wide vs narrow wrists? Aren't your theory and equations suggesting far more accuracy and preditive power than they really have?
I have no basis to compare hand size for the players, so I can't comment on that. But experimenting by adding mass to my wrist is something I have tested carefully.

Anyway, the point of the MgR/I formula is not predictive power for other players. Rather, the point is that awareness of the MgR/I value allows you to predict how adjustments to your racquet mass distribution will affect the timing of your swing, and that this formula is an effective tool for tuning your racquet to optimize your performance.

Also, once you find your personal optimum MgR/I value, you can use it to predict what specs will work for you when you go up or down in swingweight. In other words, it allows you to decouple swing dynamics from impact dynamics when you experiment with different weight distributions.
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