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Originally Posted by SoBad View Post
Even the prime Sampras could never challenge someone like Kafelnikov at the French.
Someone like Kafelnikov, who's only a double major champion, and would have had a couple more French Open's if he wouldn't have run into inspired all time clay great Kuerten.

Originally Posted by atatu View Post
Didn't Sampras beat YK on clay in Russia for the Davis Cup, or was that someone else he beat. All I remember is the way he collapsed and cramped after winning two singles maches and the doubles.
He did beat Kafelnikov on clay in the Davis Cup and also at the world team cup, when K was pretty young still.
Kafelnikov had a problem upstairs against Sampras...ever since their first match in 94 at the Australian Open, when Kafelnikov played a superb match and still lost 9-7 in the 5th.
I still would have backed K to win 9 out of 10 matches at the French...but they never met on clay after that French Open semi that he won.
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