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Originally Posted by paoloraz View Post
Mecir played with the same racquet throughtout his whole career. It was a midsize wood Snauwaert with graphite reinforce. It first came out as Snauwaert La Grande wood-graphite mid and then as Snauwaert Brian Gottfried Mid. When it was discontinued, he continued to use this raquet with the "green gold" paintjob of the Snauwaert Graphite Mid (full graphite racquet). He was the last pro using a wood racquet, and it is fun to see that he is...still using it!!! (if you search in the web you may eventually find pics of him hitting some balls with "his" snauwaert even in current days).

It is a very flexy racquet, very nice from the baseline, accurate, you can put the ball wherever you want, sort of ping-pong tennis... but forget to hit decent volleys with it...
the paintjob-thing is right. he played becker at the ao 1990 with it.
but the racket he used in this video looks like the snauwaert orbit. was it also a paintjob?
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