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Long Face, do you play with an Eastern FH grip? What about your BH? I think which grips you play with will make a difference on the kind of advice given.

I regularly face moonballers, and one player constantly hits particularly high, deep, and spinny moonballs. Eastern FH & 1HBH are particularly vulnerable to moonballs (I used to hit w/these strokes myself). Now I usually do well against them by: Hitting better moonballs. Hitting aggressive groundstrokes against them (but they must be consistent, placed well, and angled) until they hit too shallow of a moonball - and here you must be able to take the opportunity to finish off the point from mid court (I had trouble hitting aggressively off moonballs until I switched to SW grip). Rally until you find the opportunity to pressure them with an aggressive groundstroke that you think will cause a weaker reply (lower moonball) and follow up with volleys. If you can't do one or two of those things well enough to beat the moonballer then they probably just play better and/or you lack the ability to deal with them. They can be pretty tough.

A trick that might work for an Eastern Grip player is to slice, chop, hack, or dink the moonballs a bit short to mid court, keeping it low or with little pace. Hopefully, your opponent is not that good at finishing off midcourt balls. Most of these guys can't hit moonballs from mid cout (they go out) so they will come in and either hit a flatter faster shot or slice. This would give you a ball that lands in your strike zone/height and give you a chance to counter-attack while they are stuck in mid court or coming to the net.

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