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Originally Posted by 0d1n View Post
I've re-checked my reading comprehension skills. They are fine .
I don't think we're saying quite the same thing. I am saying no 4.5 will take a game from any top 100 WTA woman unless he lucks out and hits 3 aces in a game. You are mentioning "SETS" as a possibility (although remote possibility). I am saying sets are NOT a possibility...ever.
I am taking it further and also saying that any 14-15 yo girl who has realistic chances of making it to the WTA will mop the floor with any 4.5. The 4.5 will win games, but not sets, unless the kid has a really bad day and is also being "childish" in her choices.
Any 14-15 yo BOY who has realistic chances of making it to the ATP, will beat 4.5's 12-0, 18-0, 24-0 ...etc in 90 percent of their matches. Again...4.5's with huge serves might get isolated games if they luck out and hit aces. Otherwise...fat chance.
I agree. I'm a 4.5 and I don't know if I'd take more than a game or two off a female ranked in the top 1000. Lee's example sounds like something from the 80's, before fitness and technology took the game to another level.

We are having a Women's 10k in town right now. 90% of these girls would plow through any 4.5 men's player I know. Pros are 6.0-7.0 players if they are competitive on tour. Saying a 4.5 can hang with a 6.0+ is assenine. It's like saying a 3.0 can hang with a 4.5.
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