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As the bit famous coach Heath Waters take it:

Premise: "dont let the Pusher push".

How to?

1. Serveice return. End point before it gets started. Pushers often has a weak 2nd serve. Hit winner down the line or go crosscourt at depth 3/4.

2. Move Pusher where he is not used to be. Give him dropshot, then pass him or lob him.

3. If you can, go for serve and volley.

4. Use angles, pushers usually push well from middle of court, less from the sides and when running to the ball.

5. When in rally, give him short ball like near the T, if he moves forward make a dip shot he has to volley up or pass him.

6. When in rally (2), move him from corner to corner. Take the ball high. Or take the ball early. Move in on short balls. Hit swing volley, then move in and take ball on volley or overhead.

To be able to execute the above you need to have skills and cool head.

Thats why Pushers normally dont exist on 4.5 and higher level.
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