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LeeD, I've seen your serve video. If that's the low 100s then mine are easily 150! Seriously, I do NOT serve hard serves by higher level standards but my flat serves have a lot more pace than those.

Like I said, thanks for the input. But do give fellow members the courtesy of NOT putting words in their mouth. Just read what we write and don't add anything that we didn't.

And I truly enjoy your creative writing contributions about your sports adventures. I think of you as the cranky old uncle who, during holiday gatherings, talks about the good ole days when he played tennis with a plank and could hit 200 Mph serves even after throwing out his shoulder striking out Babe Ruth is a sandlot baseball game.

The reason I enjoy them is because you and I are alike! I'm becoming you according to my kids. I tell them about growing up going to Catholic school in Chicago where we walked 100 miles to school during blizzards in 5' deep snow while being pursued by hungry wolves with glowing red eyes but we liked it because it built character. Oh, and the nuns were far more dangerous than the wolves when armed with wooden rulers edged with metal strips!

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