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Originally Posted by Fearsome Forehand View Post
... There are courts at Mission College for one. Parking might be a hassle as it is a college. They pass for public courts in the off hours. Believe it is lit.

There is a nice public facility in SC on Tasman. You will have to pay for court time. You can reserve a court there and it is lit.

Also try the various high schools in the area as well as parks...
Will you be in SJ or in SC? Note that SJ is huge (much larger than SF).

Don't know about San Jose, but the high schools in Santa Clara and most nearby do not have lit courts. Santa Clara HS courts are currently closed (ongoing construction on campus). Fremont HS in Sunnyvale has 7 lit courts. Not too far from that is Mango Park/Sunnyvale Middle School courts on Remington Drive with 6 lit courts. (Sunnyvale is close to Santa Clara but a bit of a drive from San Jose).

The facility on Tasman in SC is the Santa Clara Golf & Tennis Club. Don't know if they have any free court time there at all. The problem with the courts there and at the Mission College (MC) location is that it get pretty windy in the afternoon. The wind often/usually (but not always) dies down once the sun sets. MC has 8 decently lit courts -- lights stay on til 10:20pm. Not sure if the lights come on Fri-Sun tho'. There is currently a Wed night tennis class at MC til 9:30. Courts are available in the evening on other week nights. Parking is $3/day.

The Santa Clara Clara Tennis Center in Central Park has 8 courts with very good lighting. (There are also another 2 courts in the middle of Central Park on Kiely Blvd that are poorly lit). The SC Tennis Center has a backboard than can accommodate 4 (to 6) players. This is a good place to pick up hitting partners. The courts or on a reservation system in the evening from 5pm til about 9pm on Mon thru Thur. They must also be reserved in the morning on Sat and Sun until 11:30am. At all other times, the courts are open to the public w/o charge.*********

SJ State University has 12 courts. Don't know if they are open to the public. To find other courts in the SC/SH area use these resources:*********

(Note: I might be able to hit on occasion. However, due to leg/shoulder injuries, no guarantees at this time)
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