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Originally Posted by MikeHitsHard93 View Post

These are really solid rackets...why'd you decide pk?
Between the Ki 5, Ki 5x, and the X-Force Pro, there were only slight differences, and I would probably adjust to any of them and play the at the same level in the end.

The Pacific was the most comfortable, had the best feel, and seemed to be the most forgiving. The PK's felt a little livelier with the same amount of control. The Ki 5 had more spin than the Pacific. The Ki 5x had less spin than the Pacific (because it felt heavier) but it had more plow. The tie-breaker was the serve. The Ki 5x was the best at serves, and I felt that groundstrokes and volleys were too close to call. The serve is my best stroke.

For me, these racquets were better than the Volkyl Organix 10 325 and the Prince EXO3 Tour 100, which I also tried at the same time. The Volkyl was underpowered, and the EXO3 Tour was too trampoline-like and hard to control.
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