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Originally Posted by Jerry Seinfeld View Post
LaserFibre's string is imported and then laser treated when it arrives in the USA. It comes with the resins out of the overseas factory. So resin is used, but the laser treatments seek to enhance the binding process.

LaserTour is a solid core synthetic gut. It is not as stiff as any of the copolyesters. Many of us use the term "copoly" to refer to the new blends used with the polyesters. Technically I suppose we should find a new term as it can be confusing. In LF's description of their strings they describe the cores as "copoly" meaning "many polymers." The polymers in the synthetic strings are NOT polyester and the performance is not the same.

LF does make a string called RuffCut, but they do not sell it except in hybrid with their Kryptonite...they call the blend "Superblend." The Ruffcut, due to the outer shell, is the stiffest of all laser treated strings which do not include the polyesters and kevlar they carry. The later are stiffer still.

LaserTour is actually pretty comfortable, not really stiff, but crisp. I can't label it as stiff.
Mr. Seinfield - I am looking for information on some of the what I assume is discontinued Laserfibre strings. Can you email me off-line. My email is kmadonna at kennedymadonna dot com. Thanks!
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