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Thanks for all the discussion. I couldn't have even hoped for this kind of response.

I was able to get out and hit with a few different people last night. Probably all a lower level than I should be shooting for, but I still tried to pay extra mind to footwork and getting shoulders turned earlier - it does make an immense difference. I don't feel so rushed when it comes time to swing. Hadn't seen the split step point by the time I went out, but I'll be sure to work on that piece as well. The shoulder turn seems like it's a matter of repetition and becoming accustomed to making it happen sooner.Footwork on the other hand is a different beast. It will definitely will take some time as it feels awkward so I'll have to figure something out that's more natural.

A few people had mentioned video and coincidentally I'm doing some work with a coach tonight who said we may do some filming at the end. I'll see if I can get my hands on it to post.

Again, thank you much for the suggestions.
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