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Originally Posted by retrowagen View Post
I remember seeing those around (new) as late as 1983. It is a beautiful racquet! Don't know how it stacks up against the Jack Kramer Pro Staff (which was the top performance model with pro provenance, also available up until 1983 or so).
I rate the wilson JKPS and Advantage as the best wood rackets produced by wilson. They both play pretty similar and are a step above the JKA and were priced accordingly. I think the Advantage may have been the most expensive wood racket from Wilson. Would need to refer to some of the old marketing to see what exactly were the spec diffs but remember the JKA be more flexible and slightly less powerful. For collectors, the JKPS is the racket to have since McEnroe was pretty successful playing that racket including several USO and a Wimbledon title thru 1981 from my recall.

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