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Default Pros Using Tournagrip

I posted this in the "other" category and have received some good opinions, but I am interested in learning what the pros do in this regard.

I play exclusively with Head Radical MP racquets although for me it doesn't matter if it is an iRadical, LM or MG. Whenever I pick up a new one it is usually 1 model behind, like right now I am considering a Youtek Radical MP (but not the IG).

When I pick up a new Radical MP I usually play with the HydroSorb OEM grip until it needs replacing and then I overgrip with Tourna Grip or Tourna Tac depending on the season. So for the most part, my quiver of Radical MPs have "used" HydroSorb grips overgripped with Tourna. Note that I prefer the Tournagrip to the Hydrosorb grip anyway but usually use the OEM grip while it's still good.

My question is am I missing out on something by "wearing" down my Hydrosorbs and then wrapping with the Tourna? If I get the new Youtek, should I immediately wrap the virgin Hydrosorb grip with the Tourna Grip?

Perhaps my grips would have a "softer" feel if I changed my procedure? Welcome opinions. What do the pros who use Tourna do?
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