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I just saw him play at the China Open the other night. I got some close up shots of his racket.

His racket definitely doesn't have ridges any more but the clear bumper does.

The top half of his pallet is bare and in one picture I can read the pallet. It's a TK57 L4.

He has 1/2 a leather grip. He uses a full length Tourna, but he wraps the end of the butt cap about 4-5 times to get the flare before he continues to wrap the rest of the grip (still stopping halfway, just like the 1/2 leather grip). So basically 1/2 of the overgrip is wrapped around the butt cap, and the other 1/2 covers the 1/2 leather grip.

Just a guess, but when he was changing his Tourna grip, I'm 99% sure he had a Head Finest Calfskin Grip under.

He racket also has his name printed in the throat.

I can load pictures and show them if anyone is interested.
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