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My experience with Rip Control in hybrids is that it works much better in the mains. As a cross string it tends to get sawed through and once those outer ribbon wrappings are gone the string is toast. Even with full bed Rip Control 17, this tends to happen after about 8-10 hours to me in a IG Rad Pro at 55 lbs.

One other thing with using Rip Control in hybrids with poly mains is that as the poly is dying, if you don't cut it out and cut your losses, the muted aspect of Rip Control makes the stringbed feel completely dead to the extent that hitting a ball is just not a good feeling at all.

My last few string jobs have been Rip Control 17 mains and C3 Rocket 17 cross both at 55 lbs. The C3 Rocket adds a little crispness, a little more power and a little more spin vs. Full bed Rip Control and string movement is less as well. C3 rocket, like the Intellitour cross Rip Feel, utilizes ribbon construction, but unlike Rip Feel has a monofilament core, so the above hybrid plays like a slightly stiffer version of Intellitour. I'm sure the same effect could be had with a similarly constructed cross string.
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