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Originally Posted by JW10S View Post
Oh gee, look what I've missed, another obviously planted MTM thread. I'm not going to waste my time reading through all the posts but will answer the OP that MTM is just 1 of many, many, many, modern systems of teaching out there. MTMers will tell you anyone not teaching MTM is teaching traditonal, and anyone teaching modern tennis is using MTM, which is just not true. I'm a modern teacher ...
Interesting you think this is a planted thread, but yet the OP does not seemed
to be convinced about MTM, but then, you jumped to that conclusion without
reading as usual. And Balla feels he needs to chime in on this as well, after looking
to be unbaised. Disappointing, but guess you want to jump in with this unnamed
fellow who claims high credentials and never has tips for this section? He must be
better than Oscar for haters even though we Know nothing about him.

Then JW creates a straw man that a MTM person will say only MTM is modern
instruction, lol, but I have several post speaking of Dave Smiths modern system,
the advanced foundation, along with others. More demonstrated mis-info by you
as usual. I wonder if your instruction is just as mis-informed as your posts?

Now you finally admit what I suggested many months ago that you likely teach
modern yourself. Wonder if that is more mis-info though?
Do you teach to extend thru contact down the target line ball path?
None of MTM methods and your modern? lol, Ok, you have your own words to
describe what Oscar described while you were in kindergarten.
MTM Instructor
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