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I thought they were a little flexy and twisty, perhaps owing to the slightly thinner shaft. I didn't spend much time hitting it, but the customers' rackets also felt head-heavy compared to the neutral JK Auto and Pro Staff.

It was an absolutely gorgeous frame for the day, I'd say one of the best along with the Head Vilas. Never did care for the overdone cover...thought they could have dressed up the tan Kramer/Evert cover a bit instead of the wrinkled faux nauga-leather.

I don't recall any marketing that reflected the playing characteristics of the Advantage(except for that hang-tag!)...we sold most of them on 'looks'. The Lady Advantage was too little, too late, IMO. Perhaps either/both would have benefited from a visible player using them for tournament play.

As I recall, both models 'yellowed' quite a bit with age and use. That new frame you have is beautiful!
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