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More likely no, he needed almost whole season to get to another final - after his early Nieminen loss in January, now he had maybe biggest chance ever at indoor court vs clay-courter- the surface was slow, but still Julien should have done better i think.

He is injured and there are just few 250s left in 2012 - honestly he is not getting title at higher than 250 level. So i think this year definitely not.

2013 he will be again older - he wil have chance maybe in January at those events in Australia again, but if not than it will be harder and harder - Europe indoors - there will be a lot of guys , his chances are basically Australia, or ASia - where not so many guys travel - 250s events i am speaking. It will be shame if guy like him ends up with 0 titles, but at this point i will say yes he will end up with 0 tittles.
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