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Originally Posted by kiki View Post
IŽd say that none of both would be favourite against the other on any given match on clay.Both could win it, depending on mood, mind state, court and wind conditions and some other untangibles.

Kuetren may look better since he specialised on clay, while Lendl, whose primary results were on clay, soon evolved into a hard courter and indoor courter sort of player, that makes his record on clay pale in comparison.
That's a good point. You are right that sometimes with players who are so much better on clay than other surfaces like Kuerten, Muster etc, their clay court level stands out a lot more. With Lendl who was at a similar level on carpet, hard and clay (you can argue that clay was only his 3rd best surface), maybe his clay court level didn't stand out so much.

I do think that Lendl's level of play when he destroyed Wilander in his 1984 RG semi-final, stormed to the 1986 RG title only dropping one set etc, was incredibly good, and that really the only players of the open era who have produced a noticeably higher standard of clay court tennis have been Nadal and Borg.

I think that Kuerten/Lendl or a Kuerten/Wilander match-ups on clay would be pretty even, although in terms of greatness those two both clearly have a better set of clay court achievements and are greater than Guga on the surface.
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