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Originally Posted by mr_fro2000 View Post
Wow lots of feedback here… thx! While I have not watched every video and read every thread in painstaking detail, I think I’m getting the idea/concepts of what has happened the past 10 yrs.

I think my conclusion from all this is that there is really no ‘new’ way to play tennis… the strokes that are being taught in the wenger videos have been around since I was a junior. Perhaps these kinds of strokes were not actively taught to stone-cold new players in the past… and maybe they are now.

In any case, many of the arguments seem silly and I personally don’t think 1 ‘methodology’ is really better than the other. Regarding forehand strokes, I think it might be best to figure out ‘naturally’ what works best for a new student and then build off of that. Some may find eastern grip forehands more natural, while others may find a semi-western strokes easier to hit. Both grips/strokes have advantages and disadvantages.
I’ll continue to explore the topic, but it seems like I’m not changing a thing about how I play nor will I be radically changing the way I will teach (my kids) when they are ready to learn the game. Thx again everyone!
Doesn't sound like a plant or even too convinced to me, but I won't jump to
conclusions like JW. I can say if this was a softball tossed in... I'm not aware
and given his posts, my guess is it's unlikely.

Looks like your smeller is off to me, balla, but just imo.

Also, if sureshs or JW want to say "imo" or "it seems to me" with their comments on MTM, I'm
inclined to leave it as it is...but when they try to post mis-info as facts, like "it has been shown" or, "XX has been debunked", I'm going to often call them on that mis-info.
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