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Originally Posted by TimeToPlaySets View Post
I have always noticed this. It seems like topspin HELPS your opponent when the ball lands midcourt at the service line. It helps to reach him, and he moves less. Topspin only seems useful if you're also driving the ball deep. Otherwise, a slice is a more offensive shot, ironically.
I love seeing players admit to the above mentality and you are right, that if you
can't hit good pace to the right spot, you might as well use the slice,
especially if you can skid your slice with modern technique.
In the practice for smarter targets thread, it is explained how if you can hit TS with
good pace, you can hit strongly away from your opponent with low risk, creating
very good pressure on them.

But yes, If you can't hit strong TS with pace to a good target...sure slice away!
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