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Originally Posted by 5263 View Post
The main reason you don't see it much is that you have to pass up a TS Fh to
hit it
most of the time, and since the TS Fh is often a players best shot...
why not hit your best shot as often as you can? Yes, you can mix it up some
if you are getting a lot of looks on the Fh side, but most often your opponent is
going to try and work your Bh if your game is like the avg player.
Totally agree.

Originally Posted by TennisCJC View Post
Don't forget Paul Annacone was in the top 20 (maybe 10?) and he hit a touch on slice on most of his FH. I saw him play McEnroe in an exhibition and he stood in and attacked everything with underspin off both sides. I would venture that Annacone would beat all the 5.0s on this board playing nothing but FH slice if he wanted too. McEnroe was another great example as he hit a high percentage of FH slice and could kill 5.0s and down.
Annacone and Mac are very unique players. Annacone would and did come in on anything. His whole game was about getting to the net. He made Mac look like a baseliner. Both of those guys have great hands. They could both slice and dice me to death. However I don't play either of these guys very often.

For us normal folks, if you get a fh, pound it with ts. Make your opponent deal with pace and spin.
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