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Originally Posted by The Dark Knight View Post
I think you have to decide whether a tournament is indoors or outdoors but you shouldn't have it both ways.

First of all everything except centre court is outdoors .

Secondly to change in the middle of a match is just about the same as changing a grass court and then in the middle move over to clay.

The difference between an indoor match and outdoor match is that big. It's as much a game changer as the surface .....maybe even more.

It reminds of the movie hunger games.....they kept changing the rules in the middle of the game ..."now you two people from the same clan can survive only one can survive ".

It's not fair. Wimbledon should go indoors altogether or outdoors altogether .....but not both .
Why not?? It rains you close the roof, you play. If there isnt enough light you close the roof, you play. If light is going to fade out and your about to start a second set might as well put the roof on just to be sure.
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