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THANK YOU, guys, for so many constructive suggestions. I'm playing him again tonight, and I will report back to you how it turns out. Last time I lost 6-2, 6-3.

Here I will summerize several tips that I think I will employ in tonight's match:

1. If a moonball is too difficult for me to strike back agressively, I will play it back safe. The worst thing that can happen is another moonball.

2. If a moonball is high enough for an overhead smash, I should step into the court (instead of backing up) and hit an overhead. Try not to smash down. Hit it like a serve so it will go over the net, and use placement.

3. If a moonball is not high enough for an overhead, and if it is deep, try to take it early on the rise. Play it safe, too. Footwork!

4. If a moonball is short, wait for it, put it into a corner with heat, and guard the net. Be ready for a lob.

5. Serve and volley from time to time. Serve wide and drop the ball to the other side of the court. Be ready for a lob.

6. Try some soft and short balls, and see how he handles mid-court and volleys. Get him to the net, and pass/lob him. This should be his most uncomfortable zone.

Let's see what happens!

Thank you guys, again.
Serve and volley is so hard I can't do it any more...

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