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Originally Posted by Hi I'm Ray View Post
Long Face, do you play with an Eastern FH grip? What about your BH? I think which grips you play with will make a difference on the kind of advice given.

I regularly face moonballers, and one player constantly hits particularly high, deep, and spinny moonballs. Eastern FH & 1HBH are particularly vulnerable to moonballs (I used to hit w/these strokes myself).
I do use Eastern grips, both forehand and backhand. This is why it is so hard to strike the moonballs, even with my forehand. If I can't take it on the rise, it becomes almost impossible to hit it back, unless making it a moonball.

My opponent actually smiles when he sees me returning with moonballs. I guess this is exactly the type of game he enjoys playing, and he will be able to dominate me with better and deeper moonballs.
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