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Originally Posted by sargeinaz View Post
I just play with what I like and thats usually thinner beamed rackets at 98in2 and lower that are 11.5oz strung or higher. I play for fun and I enjoy how those rackets feel and play with my eastern grips and all court game. I hate how the pure drive feels, it just feels like a tin can to me. But if someone wants to use one, I got no problems with that. Hit with whatever you like whether it's because your favorite player has it or because you like it or because you win with it. No difference to me.
Me too ^^^^

I have demo apdgt, demo wilson pro open, and have owned a prince 03 white and and older wilson wide body in the past. I get tempted by the call of extra power in lighter weight, but I usually return to thin beam 22 mm or less, 95-98in2, weight around 12 oz, and SW around 335.

The apdgt was a bad demo for me. I felt like it crushed groundstrokes when all setup but thought everything else - serves, volleys, touch, feel, and slices - were not good. I think the apdgt is basically suited to the pro who uses the older version of it - Nadal.

But, I am an oldster - 55 years young - so I grew up playing thin beam, flexible rackets with a fair amount of weight.

One thing I find unusual is if you count the top 20 ATP players, thin beamed heavy rackets under 100in2 still dominate.
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