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Originally Posted by Limpinhitter View Post
Unless you have a reliable weapon that you can consistently punish moonballs with (uncommon among rec level players), the best response to a moonball is a moonball. It's a safe shot that keeps you in the point until you have a high percentage opportunity to attack with the weapons you have. Further, you will find that many moonballers, who are accustomed to hitting mb's off of aggressive shots, don't handle mb's that well themselves.
You win again. I'm amazed how often I agree with your assessment of things in this section.

As an aside, I often moonball / push, etc when playing an unfamiliar opponent. Its amazing how many people don't know what to do and get frustrated and just hand me the victory.

I've played against many moonball / pusher opponents as well. I just stay steady. Often, that's enough (they are expecting their opponent to get impatient and frustrated). But against the better guys, you just have to be patient and until you get a ball you can be aggressive on. Sometimes you win those points, and sometimes you make an error (or get lobbed or passed) anyway.

Even against better opponents that can be both patient and more aggressive against the moonball stratedgy (meaning they do both), mixing in moonballs and push shots are a great way to not give them rhythm and often "steal" a few cheap points.
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