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Originally Posted by Devilito View Post
Best serve on tour, one of the best forehands that constantly improving, a very solid net game, a solid mental game, and a backhand and return game that's obviously improving from earlier in the year. His entire career is 1/2 year last year and this is his first full year played on tour and it's not even over yet. So at the end of the year you'll be looking at a top 10 player that's played an entire 18 months on tour. Itís very obvious you have limited understanding of the sport. I mean, how many slams should a player with 18 months on tour have won so far?
You said he had a solid mental game yet he chokes repeatedly in 3rd sets. You said he has ONE OF THE BEST FOREHANDS compared to whom? Does one of the best mean top 50? or top 5? Sure, a solid net game. That's the only thing I agree with. Oh, and "best serve on tour" is a very dicey thing to say. There are many with great serves. He's not doing to well at the slams for someone with the best serve on tour
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