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Moon Balled to death? So the player was more consistent with better top spin and they jump off your backhand side? people always assume moon balls is a bad way of playing tennis. rafael nadal is a known moonballer not because he has ugly technique but he can just hit an amazing amount of spins that explodes of the ground. the secret to moonballers is patience. you should be willing to grind things out and take out the one shot winner mentality. moonballers only know one thing and that is to win. they are metnally tough and amazingly physically fit. pushers don't exist on higher levels is also not valid. people just say that all the time. but in reality the more consistent player always win. i was an aggressive player before and i ended up losing to players "with lower ranks" when as a matter of fact they were smarter players. they feed of my errors and played high percentage tennis.

don't be tempted to go for winner shots and try to go for percentage. slice it down and don't topspin your backhand.
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