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Originally Posted by mikeler View Post

I think I'm going down in weight and pulling the trigger on some Exo Tours? You wouldn't happen to need anymore 7Gs at a special racketaholic discount would you?
Actually, maybe. The only one I have left (cracked the other that was perfect) is head-heavier than it should be, which makes it pummel the ball but it gets a bit unwieldy at times. Are yours pretty much on spec? I may have my people call your people.

Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
They do. That stick feels really good and solid too. I had trouble getting the tension right when I strung it ,but it is a little tricky on my stringway with O Ports. Half of the hitting partners and coaches I saw at the Sony were using the EXO tour because it is so comfortable.
Noticed this, too. Lot of Exos out there among coaches, including Annacone... O-Port is one of the few new techs that really, genuinely worked. Made the sweet spot huge, and the frame fly faster. I just could never get used to that feel for the life of me.
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