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Originally Posted by heartattack View Post
my racquet has a tension range between 50-56lbs. Can I string this one higher with multifilament? How about poly?
The range is just a recommendation. You can string higher than 56. My range is from 50-60 and I string in the low 60's. Modern racquets are tough.

Regarding the type of string, it doesn't matter whether its multi or poly, either can handle the tension. The only string that I know of that can't handle too high a tension is natural gut. I have a friend who regularly strings his syn guts @ 76 lbs.

however, you should probably not string poly @ the same tension as multi. It should go 10 to 15% looser than multi. If you regularly string multi @ 60, then you should string poly less, say around 52 lbs. You'll actually get a very similar feel since poly is significantly stiffer than multi.

But by all means, go forth and experiment!
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