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Didn't realize that the OP was posted twice. Here is my reply in that other thread (post #2 in the thread).

Forget the static stretching after your pre-tennis warmup. Instead, do those stretches at home or work prior to heading off to the courts, if you feel that you need it. The static stretches will actually reduce muscle performance (strength, speed, etc) for some 30-60 minutes. I do not believe that there is any immediate benefit from pre-exercise static stretching.

Now at 60, I find that 10-20 minutes of cardio (on a stationary bike) prior to tennis helps immensely. Incorporate some dynamic stretching as part of your warmup at the court. Do some static stretching at the courts after tennis (and again when you get home, if so inclined). While stretching may not offer much, if any, short-term benefit, it can improve flexibility in the long run. Note that stretching, according to a number of studies has demonstrated no effect on the alleviation of muscle soreness or DOMS.
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