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Originally Posted by anubis View Post

For me, its all about results. I also don't care what racquet someone uses. Games at the rec level, from 3.0 all the way up to 5.0 are won by keeping the ball in play. If you can't hit the ball in, then you can't win games -- simple as that. Therefore, you should choose the equipment that best allows you to keep the ball in.

Frankly, I don't understand why everyone thinks a "powerful racquet" is a big deal. IMO, you generate power through appropriate form and technique. I can hit the ball just as deep with a Babolat or a low-powered Head Prestige, just by adjusting the technique. In fact, my entire setup is low powered: Head Radical MP with low-powered syn gut strung @ 62 lbs. I have no difficulties hitting it deep when its necessary to do so.

Therefore, I think its wrong to choose a racquet solely on power alone, since you can get just as much power from any racquet. Your first order of business should be "can I keep the ball in?". If you can't, then you need to look at a lot of factors (in this order): 1. technique 2. string tension 3. racquet

Just my .02.
Your concluding set of points are a bit of a non sequitur, which I don't think anyone really disputes. Of course, it doesn't matter if you hit a ball at twice the pace if you can't keep it in. That's not in dispute, it's fully accepted. My point is that the premise that you can't keep the ball in play with the APDGT while hitting with pace is false. Does it take "work" to do so consistently, yes. Does it take "work" to generate acceptable power levels with the PT280 or PC600, the answer there is also a yes. The question of which type/amount of work is more beneficial/preferable is subjective and what helps develop one's preference for a specific frame. For me, it's easier to control the APDGT than it is to hit the PC600/PT280 with equal power. This, however, does not render one racquet as being crap - which the often maligned APDGT is commonly regarded as.

Also, I believe there is some confusion about what I term as "power." A presumption in my point is that you are hitting equally deep shots with both racquets - therefore, I'm not discussing depth. What I am discussing is the pace of the shots (for instance, to the corners). Perhaps this helps you understand that, from my experience, the APDGT can hit the far corners at noticeable higher velocity than the classic raquets that I have used. In fact, just had a hitting session yesterday with a Prestige 600, Pro Tour 280 and a APDGT and again came to same conclusion. Finally, if you don't believe there is a variance in terms of racquet "power," I invite you to try an old Fischer Vacuum Pro 90 - with which you need considerably faster swings to approach the PC600/PT280 much less the APDGT. To me, trying to hit the Vacuum Pro 90 in a mannerer generating the pace incumbent to the APDGT is more potentially injury inducing than the tennis elbow issues discussed.
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