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Originally Posted by Woolybugger View Post
I don't think the "mindset of a champion" derives joy from humiliating the opponent. That is not a champion I would admire nor ever want my child to be.
Well, you write humiliating I wrote 'humiliating' and for me the latter is a pivotal part of top level sports, 'Humiliating' for example by hitting a perfectly timed dropshot which makes opponent (also world class player) stumble, even makes her look like a total novice for a second. In the eyes of you, crowd, herself...

To say that it's not enjoyable to do that...I don't know...should you be sorry?

Agassi made sometimes his opponents run some extra, wanted to 'humiliate'

Well, to be outplayed like that is different sort of humiliation than singing some stupid song after losing, of course...

#1coach mentioned business...what do you think the reactions are at Samsung when Apple stumbles...
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