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Default Poaching Questions (w/ video)

My partner and have decided that over this winter season we will work on performing more planned poaches. We tried to do this last winter, but our competitiveness got in the way and we would frequently abandon our attempts at the first sign of trouble. This year we are committed to practicing until planned poaches will work for us.

SO ... please watch the attached video and provide feedback to me on how our poaching can be improved. More description is provided below.



I am the player in Red, my partner is in Black.

I (red) generally have an effective 1st and 2nd serve. I can place it where I want with both spin and/or pace. Usually I will hit lots of kickers on first serves to make sure my 1st serve percentage is above 60%. I do not mind the half volley and usually hit that shot on my way into the net. When at the net, I like to start back by the T and to be moving forward into a split step on the servers contact. Sometimes I feel like I poach to early, but the opponents often shank the ball trying to turn the line late so maybe that is ok after all. Finally, I do not think I keep my hands high and forward enough while at the net.

My partner (black) has a very effective first serve, but sometimes lays in the ball on the second serve which puts me on the defensive if he is missing the 1st a lot. He usually has excellent hands at the net, although on this day he was a little off. I think that he moves later than I do on the poach so he tends to see more cross court balls ...

The video ... we lost this match 7-5, 7-6. After editing there was 17 minutes of actual game footage. I cut out all of the points where we did not try at least one volley ...I removed all of their service games, all service winners, return winners, aces and shanked returns. This left me with about 5 minutes of footage ... I kept what I thought was the best three minutes of play while we were serving.
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