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Originally Posted by Greg G View Post
Had a good hit today, evaluating the 3 string setups.

The Lux Alu Power 16L (52/50) seems to have settled in and has more pop than the first time I hit it. Still nothing like the Tour Bite 17 in both spin and power for me. And my elbow felt the stiffness. I think I may like it at 10 lbs lower, or in a hybrid.

The Yonex Polytour Spin (48/46) made a really good impression! Nice pop, good spin! Easy on the elbow.

The polytour spin/Og sheep micro (50/50) was my first hybrid. It was the easiest on my elbow, had excellent power and good spin. Was very close to the full bed polytour spin. There was some string movement though- is that normal for a hybrid?

It's pretty hard looking for the right string. All the switching around messes up your game. I'm going with that excuse for playing horribly today. Sprayed balls everywhere. Ugh.
I used PolyTour Spin at 50, full bed, one piece stringing. OMG, it was too much pop for me. But in a Yonex EZONE Xi 98, the string (two pieces) at 45 is peeerrrrfect. To each his own!
Yonex EZONE Ai98 w/ PolyTour Pro 120 @ 50lbs
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