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Originally Posted by bugeyed View Post
I propose that a flat/square beam racquet, because of it's poor aerodynamic characteristics, is stabilized by the drag as it passes through the air. The racquet head is more stable on off center hits, because essentially it's polar moment of inertia is higher than if it had an aero design. The faster the swing, the more stable the racquet.

I hear what you are saying and agree that there is apparently an element of drag at play (however, small) with the beam frames. After all, isn't this one of the ways how the "modern" Prestige variants are (slightly) more user friendly than the classics - namely, in terms of softer/rounder edges?

That being said, not so sure that I'm with you as to the latter point regarding stability. To this end, I believe your last point is a bit of a contradiction in that the aero design can in fact lead to a faster swing, if the requisite stroke is used. Moreover, if you extrapolated your point, would't this lead to the premise that an aircraft is more stable with higher drag (which, I don't believe is the case and is counter intuitive to efforts to reduce drag)?
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