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Some things I see:

Your partner is too close to the net when you are serving - the poach is a diagonal motion across and toward the net. If he is moving only sideways, he will be too slow/defensive. Your positioning is pretty good

If your team is going to do a called poach:

1) try serving down the middle more to cut down the angles of return
2) commit to the called poach (i.e., switching sides). If you are the netman, you cannot poach aggressively if you are worried about covering the down-the-line return - that's your partner's assignment. Likewise, if you are the netman and call a poach, you need to aggressively move to cover the wide crosscourt return, because you partner needs to be hauling ***** to cover that down-the-line return. There should not be a time when you and your partner are lined up in the middle waiting for the ball.

3) be aggressive with the poach volley and try for a winning shot. If you just hit it back to the opponents, you are working hard with no benefits

4) I like to cheat a couple of small steps toward the middle before poaching when the serve bounces.

5) keep in mind that you will lose a lot of points when poaching because the opponents guess right - that's okay. You are trying to create chaos in their return game. Try poaching at least once a game to keep them honest (so don't stop poaching if you lose a couple of points).
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