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LeeD, I think you just don't really know what a 5.5+ female player plays like anymore. It's not a top 10 NorCal woman from 1975.

This is a decent D1 player at a major college or a very top player at a mid major. They are fast. They hit big. They serve strong. They play the net. And when things aren't working, they adjust. 6.0+ are the very elite of D1 that travel the circuit all summer and into the fall, probably ranked under 1000 in the WORLD.

I only give this respect because I've hit with a couple college players. I'm a 4.5 with a .500 ish record in league. I can't consistently take games off a D1 female. That's my perspective in 2012. Catch some Stanford or Cal matches this spring and bounce by a $50k circuit event.
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